Top Supporting Actresses of 2010

With the Academy Awards being one week away, I figured it was time for me to give out my awards for the 2010 movie going year (as if anyone cares). I plan to release a new award each day leading up to the ceremony and the day before I will give my predictions as to who will win and who should win.

My first set of awards this year belong to the women in supporting roles, whom I found to be the weakest out of the four acting categories. I am going to give my top ten in each category, because I’m twice as good as the Oscars!

Here goes:

10. Marion Cotillard in Inception– I found Cotillard to be absolutely frightening in her small role in Christopher Nolan’s dreamy mind bender. Most of her character is developed through dialogue while she is not actually on screen, but when she does make her appearances she leaves a very frightening image.

9. Ellen Wong in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World-Some of you may be saying “what the…” with this choice, but Wong’s performance as Scott Pilgrim’s young girlfriend and ex-girlfriend is crazy, humorous, and heartbreaking (as heartbreaking as this arcade game masquerading as a movie gets). Out of all the characters, she was the one I ended up cheering for the most, despite her psychotic tendencies.

8. Jackie Weaver in Animal Kingdom-Weaver gives a subtly evil performance in her role as the mother of an Australian crime family. At times she is sweet as you would expect any motherly figure to be, but she would do anything to protect the ones she loves. Weaver plays it so each side is represented wonderfully without leaning too far one way or the other.

7. Elle Fanning in Somewhere-Fanning has not gotten much recognition this awards season, but her performance as the daughter of a famous movie star is spot on. She is sweet and steady, but at the same time shows the hurt that comes from being a neglected Hollywood child.

6. Dale Dickey in Winter’s Bone-If Weaver plays evil subtly, Dale Dickey portrays it outright. She is one intense woman and everything she does drips with ferociousness; even in the moments that she shows compassion.

5. Rebecca Hall in Please Give-I don’t think there is a character I cheered harder for in any other movie this year. Hall’s character is the only pure character in the film and the sincerity that Hall brings to it requires the audience to cheer on her success. I am starting to love Hall as an actress (she was great in The Town as well) and can’t wait to see what else she will be in in the future.

4. Melissa Leo in The Fighter-Leo’s performance has probably garnered the most buzz out of any supporting actress this year and it was certainly well deserved. At first Leo seems like a crazy, uneven mother who thinks she knows what’s right for her sons, but really has no idea. If this was all that was brought to the table I would say it was a fine performance and leave it at that, but as the movie progresses we see that she has a deep love for both of her sons and this truly is driving her to make her decisions. Leo’s representation of this is what gets her the number four spot.

3. Diane Wiest in Rabbit Hole-Wiest gives a vibrant performance as the mother of a grieving woman who recently lost her son. While trying to bring comfort to her daughter half the times she succeeds and half the times she makes it ten times worse. She is honest, well meaning and makes things lovingly awkward as only an aging mother could.

2. Amy Adams in The Fighter-I really enjoyed Adams playing the girlfriend of boxer Mickey Ward. I know some have played it off as Adams merely trying to get dirty and bait the Oscars, but I felt it was sincere and totally worked. She offered a feisty yet supportive character that offered a kinder side of the streets of Boston.

1. Barbara Hershey in Black Swan-Hershey’s character is an overprotective mother who is trying her hardest to prevent her daughter from making the same mistakes she did. She has a desire for her daughter to succeed and thus fulfill her long lost dreams. Doing this means protecting her from anything that might sway her. Whether it be boys, alcohol, or even lack of sleep, she has her daughter constantly under her thumb. When Aronofsky’s film shifts from dreamy ballet to horror flick, Hershey evolves right with it. The way her face looks as she reacts to her increasingly not so innocent daughter is great and deserving of her spot as the number one supporting actress of 2010.

Honorable Mentions: Blake Lively in The Town, Helena Bonham-Carter in The King’s Speech, Anne-Marie Duff and Kristin Scott Thomas in Nowhere Boy

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