This Week In… Things I Like

1. NT Wright-I’m currently reading After You Believe and I loved the introduction where he talks of how his Christian experience is limited to only that of the West. It shows how he is a truly thinking and humble man, something that I respect a lot. Within the church, people’s views (myself included) are based on those who make up the majority culture (white, middle class). Much can be learned from those who are Christian and are outside the cultural group. For more information on this read Soong Chan-Rah’s The Next Evangelicalism

2. Even the Rain by dir. Iciar Bollain-This film within a film shows the hypocrisy within making films, which is ironic because, it is, in fact, a film itself. It portrays a group of people filming a movie showing the downside to Columbus’s imperialist ways, while also focusing on the neo-colonialism taking place all over the 3rd world. Its downfall is that it asks all its questions out loud instead of letting the viewer discover them on his/her own or focusing on visual symbolism.

3. Almond butter-When I first discovered this substance I was not impressed. I thought it was merely a faux-peanut butter that was meant for true health-nuts (unlike a wannabe like me). One day in the past week I decided to give it another go on top of a graham cracker and I discovered the its true brilliance. Today, I moved outside of using it solely with sweet crackers made of graham and used a piece of round whole wheat bread. Its greatness remained even upon the bread, so it is safe to say that almond butter gets a pass. I’m not sure of the health benefits of using almonds over peanuts, but its got to be healthier right?

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