Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs

A guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy doing although you really shouldn’t, thus feeling guilty about feeling pleasure about it. For instance, a tough guy might consider liking The Notebook a guilty pleasure or a super hip dude might guiltily like listening to Miley Cyrus. A guilty pleasure can be different depending on what kind of person you are and who you typically hang around. This being said, today I am going to list my top 10 songs which I listen to guiltily, whilst absolutely loving it. The order will not necessarily be which I like the best, but a combination of how much I like it with how guilty it makes me feel for liking it.

Here goes:

10. Sean Kingston “Face Drop”-This one is one of my recent favorites and most of his album “Tomorrow” has potential of being on this list. I first heard this song last summer when one of my Kenyan friends showed it to me when we were discussing music. The music video only adds to this song’s wonder. I love the innocence that Kingston brings coupled with somewhat emotional telling of trying to get revenge on an ex.

9. Yellowcard “Ocean Avenue”-This song was a huge hit during my Jr. High years, but most people have moved away from it. Not me. In fact, I still listen to the entire album and enjoy it immensely. It’s just such a fun song about youth and summer, everything you would want in a mid-2000’s pop-punk band. Plus, it has a violin!

8. Justin Bieber “Never Say Never”-I am not a hater of the phenomenon of Justin Bieber; I feel like I am too far removed from the crowd he attracts to be. That being said, I do not really enjoy any of his songs at all. There is no bias to my opinion that clouds that of most other people, I just don’t like listening to it. However, I find this song constantly running through my head and really enjoy it being there. How can you not love little Jaden Smith coming in and dominating with his rap?

7. Taylor Swift “Love Story”-Like Bieber, I do not really like any of Swift’s other songs too much. This one makes the list due to the fact that I just love it so much, probably more than someone like me should. I love the idea of the telling of this story and my the time he proposes in the my heart is fluttering with joy.

6. Simple Plan “I’d Do Anything”-Oh the whiny pop-punk that for some reason became mainstream with artists like Yellowcard and Good Charlotte having hit songs throughout my Jr. High and High School years. Simple Plan is like the epitome of this musical genre and this song has stuck with me though my musical tastes have evolved. The best part is when it slows down and Mark Hoppus of blink-182 comes in singing “I close my eyes… and all I see is you”, I always found this somewhat romantic and still enjoy singing along to it.

5. Fergie tie between “Clumsy” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry”-Both of these songs show different sides of Fergie in her (sole?) solo album. I couldn’t distinguish between which I liked better, so both appear here. “Clumsy” is upbeat and fun, as fun as I’ve ever heard Fergie get, while “Big Girls Don’t Cry” gets all emotional, something I find fantastic. Though the beginning of “Big Girls…” is a little boring, by the time the chorus hits she got me yelling along with her “I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU”.

4. Jump 5 “Do Ya”-This Christian pop group made up of mostly family members was my sister’s favorite band for a while. “Spinnin’ Around” was a popular one for quite a while, but this one was the one I always found the catchiest. It’s cute and perky and who can’t help but adore the love that they have despite “the freckles” on their face?

3. Chris Brown “Say Goodbye”-I am a sucker for a break-up song. Especially one done well. A song with sad content always pulled on my heartstrings far more than one that was happy. Chris Brown’s break-up song is one that certainly does this. I remember junior year of high school, first discovering this song, thinking it was great, downloading it on iTunes, and having it quickly rise to the top of my 25 most played songs.

2. Plus One “Written on My Heart”-A Christian boy band is certainly a band to feel guilty about. I never listened to any of the mainstream pop of the 90’s due to not being interested and when I was interested I listened to “Christian” bands. Plus One was my way of trying to fit into what everyone else liked while still listening to songs sung about God. While this all might sound super cheesy, these songs actually came to mean something to me and when I listen to it now, I can still feel the emotions that ran through me as a kid trying to figure out my life. This one is the lead track on their debut album and probably the catchiest, so I decided to go with it, although the rest of the songs on the album are all up there for me as well.

1. Troy and Gabriella “Gotta Go My Own Way”-Here it is, the number one guilty pleasure of mine. For those who do not know who Troy and Gabriella are, they are the two lead characters in Disney’s High School Musical, played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Like I stated earlier, I am a sucker for a well done break-up song, and this one fits the bill (for me at least). After the first movie detailed Troy and Gabriella’s meeting and rise to romance, it was heartbreaking to watch in fall apart in the sequel High School Musical 2. The song starts at the beginning of Gabriella telling Troy that its over and leaving to go home. Troy then runs after her begging for forgiveness and asking for reconciliation. When the two start layering their arguments back and forth it creates a wonderfully, heartbreaking melody of young love coming to an end (SPOILER: they get back together within the next like 35 minutes of the movie). Honestly, the first few times I heard it, it almost brought me to tears.

That’s the top 10. I’m sure there are many more I could add later, but for now this is it. If you would like to add any of your own feel free to comment them below.

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