The 25 Best Films of the Year (according to critics)

Metacritic and Movie City News both have created formulas in order to determine what critics think are the best films of the year. I have decided create my own best-of list featuring all of the people that I read or listen to when it comes to movies. I have taken each of their top 10’s and given points for each slot. If it was their number 1 film of the year it gets 10 points, number 2 gets 9 points and so on… This is like the ultimate form of geekery, but it showcases the opinions of people that I trust and have somewhat similar likes to. I always say that criticism can seem cynical and can be frustrating if you don’t find people who have a similar taste as you (though it is good to read the opinions of those who are different from you as well). Included in this list are 22 different critics (or publications), with 10 movies getting the number 1 slot.

As you will see, critics are pretty clear as to what the number 1 film of the year is and really the top 5 have quite a distance on everything else.

25. TIE (10)

The Skin I Live In

The Guard

War Horse

23. Young Adult (11)

20. TIE (12)

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Win Win

The Arbor

19. Midnight in Paris (14)

16. TIE (17)



The Mill and the Cross

15. Poetry (21)

14. Moneyball (25)

13. Martha Marcy May Marlene (30)

12. The Interrupters (31)

11. Melancholia (34)

10. The Descendants (37)

9. Meek’s Cutoff (38)

8. Of Gods and Men (43)

7. The Artist (44)

6. Take Shelter (51)

5. Hugo (63)

4. Drive (66)

3. A Separation (75)

2. Certified Copy (92)

1. Tree of Life (175)

Films to get a #1 ranking: The Tree of Life (11), Certified Copy (3), The Guard (1), The Descendants (1), Drive (1), Poetry (1), Melancholia (1), Take Shelter (1) , A Separation (1), Meek’s Cutoff (1)

The Critics from which I made this ranking are: Tasha Robinson (AV Club), Nathan Rabin (AV Club), Keith Phipps (AV Club), Scott Tobias (AV Club), Roger Ebert, Matt Singer (IFC), Owen Gleiberman (EW), Lisa Schwarzbaum (EW), Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune), Richard Roeper, Indiewire Critics Poll, Stephen Holden, Relevant Magazine, Brett McCracken (, Paste Magazine, Jeffrey Overstreet (Looking Closer), Gareth Higgins (The Film Talk), M Leary (, Tim Brayton (Antagonie and Ecstasy), Adam Kempenar (Filmspotting), Josh Larsen (Larsenonfilm/Filmspotting), Christianity Today Critics

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