Survivor: One World Episode 1

The season premiere of Survivor: One World was utter chaos. Not only did nobody know what to do with this new twist, but no challenge was completed and nobody was voted off (both due to Kourtney’s injury). Everyone was all over the place and the episode felt really fast paced, as the guys and girls instantly turned into bitter rivals (with the exception of Colton). I feel like the next few episodes will be more of the same until the castaways figure out how to do this new twist. I feel like most new people on the show usually live up to the way they’ve seen others do it, so it makes sense that they were everywhere.

As far as strategy goes, there were two main alliances formed right at the start, which if we learned anything from last season, we know can mean a lot. The first was formed by the woman on the trek to camp, this was between Kat, Alicia, Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina. I really like this alliance. Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina all seem really solid thus far and I really like their chances (after one episode). Kat doesn’t seem too bright and Alicia is still a wild card. She is aggressive, which can be important in making moves happen (and is a nice/rare trait to see in a Survivor woman), but I feel like she might be overly-aggressive to the point that I could see her alliance replacing her with someone more neutral like Monica or Nina due to pure annoyance.

There was also a four person alliance made between Matt, Michael, Jay, and Bill. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard Matt talking about how them four are going to dominate the game together. I hope that this was a hint that they will be taken down by the five other weirdos left on their tribe a la Survivor: Vanuatu. I can’t help but think that there will be some sort of Colton vs. Matt showdown and if Colton plays his cards right he can pull together Jonas, Troyzan, Tarzan, and Leif to overtake the other four. At this point I can’t see Colton or any of the other four being competent to pull that off.

Speaking of Colton, his first few days out there were absolutely terrible. From what we saw, he gave no effort at all to fit into the men’s tribe. You gotta try something! I don’t know how much other people were talking to the opposite tribe, but 75% of the shots featuring Colton were of him interacting with the women. He did gain an idol, which I can’t see helping him too much, maybe he’ll play it to his use, but he doesn’t seem to have the foresight to do so.

I thought Sabrina handing over the idol to Colton was a good move on her part. There was nothing else she could really do with it. Yeah she could give it to someone else, but who knows if Troyzan would know what to do with it, and Michael would probably end up using it against her. This way Colton could potentially take out one of the four strong ones, giving the women a better shot at winning those immunities. Sabrina has gotten a very good edit so far, which is refreshing due to the over usage of the “mad black woman” stereotype Survivor seems to love.

The immunity challenge, which was cut off due to Kourtney breaking her wrist, sparked some controversy, because Jeff gave the guys the option to either finish the challenge or take the victory, to which they accepted the victory. In my experience as a competitor, you would normally play out the challenge in order to see who is truly the best, but this is Survivor and it’s not about being fair. I don’t understand why the producers couldn’t just make one of the guys sit out and continue competition. And if the guys had chosen to continue the challenge and had won, would the girls have had to vote someone out on top of Kourtney? It really didn’t make sense from a production stand point.

Boot Pick: Next week I’d say despite his idol, Colton has got a great shot of going home and there will probably be a follow up in the Alica/Christina battle. The Tarzans will always have a huge shot of going home as well as Nina. I pick Tarzan.

Winner Pick: Stickin with Kim after 1 episode, she really does seem like a solid pick, but if the girls can’t pull it together then we may see either a crazy guy winner or a buff bro alliance winner.

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