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Month: January 2013

Musical Experiment

This is something I was posting on tumblr, but decided here is a better format to put it. Here is what I posted at the start: My bro and I are going to listen to 25 of the best albums of the last 60 years, chronologically.  Here are the rules: -1 album a week, preferably listened to multiple times -5 albums per decade up until the 90s. This means we will miss out on a lot of music, but hey it’s already going to take 25 weeks! -Albums picked by… Read more Musical Experiment

The San Francisco 49ers

Yesterday for the first time since I was a child, too young to care about this thing that invades so much of so many people’s lives, the 49ers advanced to the Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl I remember watching was in 1996. It was the Patriots vs. the Packers. I was at a friends house and though I was preoccupied by other things, I remember watching the TV screen as Brett Favre would go on to win his first (and only) Super Bowl ring. The next year, I became… Read more The San Francisco 49ers

How to Eat

I consider myself a fairly well traveled person, my countries visited list is above 10 and some of those places I have spent at least several weeks in giving me a feel of the culture. To top this, I am an Intercultural studies major, who is bent on discovering new places and new foods all the time. In my experiences, though they are few compared to some, one must not only learn to cope with new tastes and smells when it comes to food, but also must be willing to… Read more How to Eat

Here’s to A New Year.

Here’s to 2013. Here’s to a year full of life, beauty, love, and God. Here’s to a year of more writing, creative expression, and deep thinking. Here’s to a year full of new tastes, touch, sights, smells, and sounds. Here’s to a year of reflection, where we don’t repeat our past mistakes. Here’s to a clean slate for those looking for to start afresh. Here’s to finding peace in the midst of the seemingly never ending wars. Here’s to those working for the Kingdom, for a fuller life; a peaceful… Read more Here’s to A New Year.