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Month: July 2013

What Good is Raging, If There is No Machine to Rage Against?

Last week, Rolling Stone magazine printed bomber Dzhokhar TsarnaevĀ on the cover of its latest issue inciting outrage across the country. The cover probably deserved this negative reaction. If it hadn’t, there would be something questionable about the America we live in. Having a mass murderer grace the cover of one of our biggest entertainment magazines without some sort of outcry would perhaps point to a numb and violent world. The fact that we react in horror to horrific deeds shows a thread of morality running through our national conscience. Here’s… Read more What Good is Raging, If There is No Machine to Rage Against?

This Post Reeks of Privilege

I’ve been thinking a lot about privilege lately. The other day I spent time with a newly arrived refugee couple, helping them get registered with different social services. The process, like any governmental one, took hours and hours to complete. By the end, I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. I wanted to drive back home, turn on the television and watch something to rid myself of the stress of sitting in a governmental office for so long. As I sat there, stress mounting in my… Read more This Post Reeks of Privilege

Navigating a Politically Correct World

(This piece is best accompanied by my other piece written a few weeks ago which you can find here) The other day I went to a shop in order to get some Boba tea, it was hot and I wanted a milk tea or slush to help cool myself off. Although the shop is only about 10 minutes from where I live, I was the only person in the area who looked like me. Despite feeling completely safe and generally knowing what I’m doing in this place, my differences made… Read more Navigating a Politically Correct World

Things I cannot wait to show my kids

As a pop culture fiend who engulfed everything to the fullest of my imagination from an early age (my imaginary friends were the kid characters from Barney), I have fond memories of the things I watched, listened to, and read when I was young. There are things that make my heart swoon in nostalgia as I remember back on them. Luckily, I know that one day I will likely have children (years from now). I will have the ability to relive these memories by introducing them to my own children,… Read more Things I cannot wait to show my kids

You People

The other day at a meeting for my internship with World Relief Garden Grove, we had Vice President Dan Kosten in the office to tell us about the history and the vision of World Relief. During the meeting he said something very profound as we were discussing the history of immigration in the United States. We discussed how each time a change occurred in regards to immigration law you could often track it in old writings by looking at the rhetoric used to describe certain people. He said when we… Read more You People