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Month: October 2013

You See Child My Time at the Library Explains the Longings of the Human Soul

I went to our school library the other day. Checked a book out for fun. I don’t really know why, my time is endlessly busy with late nights and early mornings. Fun time meticulously plotted into gaps of actual importances. It was strange how it made me feel alive. The search for a book I knew I wouldn’t read. It gave me a sense of satisfaction to choose something. To spend my time doing something I knew I would accomplish. I would do this and would do it for me.… Read more You See Child My Time at the Library Explains the Longings of the Human Soul

Such a Hipster

In one of my classes we had a discussion about the culture of my school. We talked about what insiders would know and what those on the outside are ignorant about. My professor then asked us if there was a style of dress that was most popular. People raised their hands: “hipster” was their answer. The perception of hipsters befuddles me. It is a common word, used by teens and their parents alike, but its really undefinable. It even seems to be used as an insult of sorts. Nobody wants… Read more Such a Hipster

Meatless Mondays and Missing the Point

My school has started a new campaign where one day of the week, Mondays, there will be no meat provided in the cafeteria. To be more precise, my university has jumped on a national campaign and is now providing more meatless options on Mondays, with meat being available. This campaign has been met with a sort of minor outrage on the campus (by this I mean people have really responded on social media). I have been surprised, but not shocked by the outrage. After all, if anyone in southern California… Read more Meatless Mondays and Missing the Point