Such a Hipster

In one of my classes we had a discussion about the culture of my school. We talked about what insiders would know and what those on the outside are ignorant about. My professor then asked us if there was a style of dress that was most popular. People raised their hands: “hipster” was their answer.

The perception of hipsters befuddles me. It is a common word, used by teens and their parents alike, but its really undefinable. It even seems to be used as an insult of sorts. Nobody wants to be a hipster and thus they call others hipsters. They defend themselves when the ‘h’ word is thrown their way.

My classmates were probably right in their assertion. The hipster style is probably most common on my campus. Their style has become widespread. After all, Urban Outfitters occupies spaces next to American Eagle and you can buy this deer fronted sweater at your local Target.



This style is pervasive in chain clothing stores (likely) throughout the nation, so most people probably dress like this on campus. It came into popularity at the same time as the word hipster and so it is probably appropriate to call it hipster. 

However, this style, while once the dress of hipsters, has probably been removed from its namesake. Hipsters are those who at a time pushed the boundaries forward for popular culture, arts, fashion, and style. And like the elusive nature of cool have moved on from what is now seen at your local clothing store.

Hipsters are merely a snapshot of the cool. They once actually existed, but as the word has grown in popularity, they, like the style itself, have moved on. They have subtly enveloped a new look and a new mindset. While you are pointing your finger in every which direction crying ‘hipster, that’s so hipster’ they will walk by hardly noticed.

They are always pushing the boundaries forward. They’re the ones who you think are weird. They’re the ones who don’t quite fit in; who don’t settle into the nature of broader culture. They’re the ones who you will be copying in five years…

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