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Month: September 2014

Weekly Thoughts 3

Locke, Right and Wrong, and a Theological Imperative The other night I watched Locke, a 2014 drama starring Tom Hardy. Locke focuses in on one man who makes an instant decision and in an hour and a half car ride sees the results of this decision unfold before him as he works through it in various phone calls. His decision is one wracked with consequences. If he goes one way many of his problems go away, but he will abandon an ideal. If he goes the other, he will lose… Read more Weekly Thoughts 3

Pre-Season Survivor San Juan Del Sur Rankings

I’m going to try to write a weekly ranking on the cast of Survivor this season. It will feature a BCS style system with three different categories combining to give a number of the person most likely to win the game each week. Those three categories will be: Current Position in the Game, Edit, and Capability – these will be further explained later. For now a pre-game ranking based in who I think has the best chance of winning. 18. John C’mon there is no way John Rocker wins Survivor,… Read more Pre-Season Survivor San Juan Del Sur Rankings

Weekly Thoughts 2

An NFL-centric look at the week Part 1: A Crack Appears The NFL has gone through a controversial couple of weeks – with some its biggest stars being accused of domestic and child abuse, a potential cover up scandal regarding a video of domestic abuse, and the always looming discussion about concussions. In terms of popularity, football is essentially only consumed by one nation – the United States. But what football lacks in breadth it makes up for by being the most consumed sport in television (also television in general).… Read more Weekly Thoughts 2

Weekly Thoughts 1

The last few years Christian organizations have fought for their sense of religious freedom, decrying government mandates that would force them to carry healthcare like birth control. They have maintained that birth control should not be mandated for them to carry as it goes against certain religious beliefs (this to be pandered later). This has lead to and has been accompanied by a wider discussion of religious liberty – regarding how much the right to religious liberty should give people and organizations. Does religious autonomy grant one the right to… Read more Weekly Thoughts 1

Summer Love?

(I entered a writing contest this summer, it was for short stories and had to be about a summer experience – needless to say I did not win, so I decided to try an experiment with what I wrote. Below you can read the story or you can listen to my edited and recorded version of it or you can do both at the same time! Enjoy.) My first true summer camp experience was spent trying to avoid the girl I had a crush on. I was 15 years old,… Read more Summer Love?