Top 5 TV Shows of 2014

Alright people only three best of lists left to make before the best of the year 2014 coverage is wrapped up.

In years past I’ve never done a best of TV, because I figured I always watched the same shows and so it would be just the same shows over and over. This year however, there was enough new great television (that I saw) to spark a list out of me. This is filled with great seasons of old shows as well as brand new ones.

5. Parks and Recreation


This show is in the running for my favorite of all time and season six–the penultimate–was filled with great moments, probably its best since the start of season four. It ended with one of the most unique twists in sitcom history making the wait until the finale even more unbearable.

4. True Detective


The internet’s favorite show this year certainly lived up to the hype with its spectacular performances by McConaughey and Harrelson, its pessimistic philosophy, intriguing mysteries, and amazing camera work by director Fukunaga. I didn’t watch it live which probably made certain moments less epic than if they were experienced with commentary from the Twittershpere, but I do think it made me like the end more than general consensus–which I really liked.

3. Survivor: Cagayan


Certainly a personal bias (I’m a superfan of the show), but anytime a franchise can put up perhaps its best season 28 seasons into the show you have to give credit where credit is due. Featuring some of the most memorable characters and moments from episode to episode, Cagayan was some of the best TV all year.

2. The Americans


This is the show that I desperately beg each person to watch (though I think I have failed in every effort), The Americans improved from an excellent first season, raising the suspense, stakes, and character dynamics in this show that simultaneously deals in international spy affairs and personal familial dynamics with equal tension. The sheer fact that a central tension of this season was the daughter rebelling against the parents by going to church is a brilliant move by the shows creators and excites for what’s to come.

1. Fargo


I checked out this show after it had received all of its hype, but figured it may have been everyone overreacting to the fact that it didn’t totally do injustice to the original. What Fargo ended up being was a companion to the film that actually competes with it. This show has great characters, explores themes like justice and evil, and makes some of the best editing choices out of anything I saw all year.

Honorable Mentions: Veep, Review, Sherlock, Community, Silicon Valley

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