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Month: January 2015

Best of January 2015 Playlist

A playlist of the best songs from January for your listening pleasure. Sleater-Kinney “Price Tag” I talked about this release a little bit last week, this song–the album opener–is lead by Corin Tucker’s aggressive vocals as she attacks the song, a repeated riff lines the background, and the drums pound away. The song touches on the cost of getting things for cheap–probably music most of all. The Decemberists “Philomena” The latest album by The Decemberists seemed mediocre at best upon first listen, but “Philomena”‘s pure and relentless folk poppiness is… Read more Best of January 2015 Playlist

Counting the Cost: The Theme of Sacrifice in the Films of 2014

If you’ve been following along, you may have seen the 12 or so best of 2014 lists I’ve made so far this year. Lists are fun and often easy ways to think about what popular culture has been consumed and at times can lead to deeper insight about what we enjoyed and why we enjoyed it. Sometimes various themes and trends can be noticed and in thinking about the movies I’ve seen this year one theme has appeared across a fairly wide margin of movies. I wanted to reflect on… Read more Counting the Cost: The Theme of Sacrifice in the Films of 2014

Podcast Review: Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

I’m going to start trying to write more reviews of the things that I consume. My first one, albeit a strange medium to review (Ira Glass just tweeted about this), is going to be a podcast review. I listen to over 25 podcasts on the regular and rarely have the time to consume any more, but find myself consistently browsing the iTunes podcast section. Last week as I was browsing, I came across one titled Good Muslim, Bad Muslim and decided to give it a listen. Here are my thoughts… Read more Podcast Review: Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

A Few Thoughts Upon the Internet Crashing

Well, I was about 1/3 of the way through a piece and then my internet crashed and apparently the new WordPress doesn’t save any of your work automatically anymore, so I am left here with a blank page of the second day of my goal to write once a day. Someone with a much weaker will would give up on the goal two days in, taking it as a sign that the universe was against this goal, but I am not that individual! Who am I kidding, there is no… Read more A Few Thoughts Upon the Internet Crashing

Top 30 Albums of the Decade (so far)

I recently recorded a podcast with one of my good friends (check it out here) on it we discussed our ten favorite albums of the decade thus far. In preparation for it, I decided to go further and put together a bigger list of my favorite albums. To hear my process and thoughts on many of them make sure you download the podcast either at the given link or on iTunes. And feel free to leave a comment with your own ten. 30. Beirut “The Rip Tide” 29. Jenny Lewis… Read more Top 30 Albums of the Decade (so far)