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Month: March 2015

Let Me Work It

Worth. There’s nothing like worth when you’re at home alone. There’s nothing like worth when all your dreams dissipate. But they don’t dissipate in front of you, like a balloon floating away. They dissipate from your mind like an actual dream–a memory of a feeling that for some reason used to give you meaning. And now you sit alone on your bed. The only hope given is that hope of being able to sit on your bed. To put hope in dreams is to put hope in that which is… Read more Let Me Work It

The Gap in Posting Explained

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on here, that is in large part to a new project that my brother and I have been working on. We launched it a couple of weeks ago now, it is called Rival Podcast Club–an amateur alliance of podcasts built around the premise that amateurs can do it too and if a bunch of podcasts support one another, they can be built into something greater. I enjoy podcasts immensely as a format, there is a comfort that comes with audio and repeated… Read more The Gap in Posting Explained