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Month: August 2016

The Cross

The Cross, a short story by Jacob Andrew Wilson   1 Prologue It was a normal church gathering: worship, talking, worship, talking, worship. People greeted one another with smiles, they closed their eyes a lot, their spirits were lifted. Yet in that final stretch of worship—as if to emphasize the sermon—amidst sounds of exasperation and exultation, it happened. The sermon was about repentance that day; grappling with the sin inherent in our hearts. What are we without God? The preacher kept repeating. What are we without God? That Sunday a… Read more The Cross

Peak Singalong: A Playlist

Everyone loves singing songs they know. Blasting the perfect song through your car speakers can bring a group of people together in elation and may even result in seatbelt constrained dancing and/or smiles–a sure sign the people with you are having fun. The following playlist is designed to bring you to that point of elation, to make you the coolest person in your car, and ultimately to help you reach peak singalong. Before diving in, we must go over a few rules that helped to create this, the most perfect collection… Read more Peak Singalong: A Playlist

100 Most Influential Cultural Items in My Life

A list of the 100 most important cultural items in my life to date. It’s focused more on items that are consumed/experienced. I’d like to think that each of these helped to evolve something special in who I am as a person, though I’m sure some are just things I really like a lot. If you would like an explanation as to why something is listed on here, please ask and I’ll write up the impact. Presented chronologically: Barney and Friends The Holy Bible Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  Disney’s… Read more 100 Most Influential Cultural Items in My Life