Best of 2016: A Schedule


December is just a day away, rolling in my favorite time of year– a time of reflection, a time of gratitude, a time of cold weather, and ultimately a time of logically ranking things in list form according to our enjoyment of them throughout the year.

Yes, we are just a month away from the end of 2016 and culture moderators have already begun to declare their favorites throughout the year. As always I feel it is my duty to join in with them, echoing or disagreeing with their sentiments with all the energy I can bare to muster up. This post builds hype to all of this, forecasting my plans for you to see and await with great expectation.

The first list comes out tomorrow, so we really are in the midst of it all. Happy ranking folks.

Dec. 1 – Top 10 Pop Hits of 2016

Dec. 8 – Top 100 Songs Pt. I (100-78)

Dec. 10 – Top 100 Songs Pt. II (77-34)

Dec. 15 – Top 100 Songs Pt. III (33-1)

Dec. 22 – Top 15 Podcasts

Dec. 29 – Top 10 TV Shows

Dec. 31 – Pop Culture Goals in Review

Jan. 1 – Pop Culture Goals 2017

Jan. 2 – The Culture Essentials of 2016

Jan. 3 – Top 10 Albums

Jan. 5 – Best Films of 2016

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