January 2017

Some people wonder how I’m able to keep track of everything I’ve consumed throughout the year, it’s by doing nerdy things like this. Inspired by Steven Soderbergh’s own lists, I’m keeping track day by day of the films, television episodes, sports games, live performances, books I’ve completed, and anything else that’s easy to keep track of.

TV Shows are indicated by season and episode, books have the author listed, live performances have the venue indicated, films are left plain.

1/1 – A Bigger Splash, Divines

1/2 – Swiss Army Man, Our Little Sister

1/4 – American Honey

1/7 – Hidden Figures

1/8 – The Good Place (S1, E10)

1/9 – Mad Men (S4, E3), NCAA Football National Championship

1/10 – Mad Men (S4, E4,5,6), Presidential Farewell Address

1/11 – Crazy Ex Girlfriend (S2, E6)

1/12 – Hacksaw Ridge

1/13 – Amelie at the Ahmanson

1/15 – Southside With You, NFL Playoffs (x2)

1/16 – Selma

1/17 – Crazy Ex Girlfriend (S2, E7), The Good Place (S1, E11)

1/19 – Mad Men (S4, E7), Crazy Ex Girlfriend (S2, E8)

1/20 – Bad Moms, The UCB Show (S2, E1)

1/21 – The Good Place (S1, E12), Asssscat at UCB Franklin

1/22 – NFL Conference Championship Games (X2), The Good Place (S1, E13), Hunted (S1, E1)

1/24 – Fresh Off the Boat (S3, E6,7,8)

1/26 – Fresh Off the Boat (S3, E9); Crazy Ex Girlfriend (S2, E9)

1/27 – Mad Men (S4, E8)

1/28 – 20th Century Women

1/29 – The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, Silicon Valley (S2, E2), Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

1/30 – The White Helmets

1/31 – Mad Men (S4, E9), Crazy Ex Girlfriend (S2, E10)

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