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Month: April 2017

Fertie’s Rap

When we first discovered that Anna was pregnant I wrote this rap as a way of letting some of our family members know. This is from the perspective of our child, who we call Fertie (bonus points to you if you can guess why…). Thought I’d share it with you, here it is: Allow me to introduce myself I am the one, the only LIL FERTIE   Yo yo yo yo yo Here we go Who is the greatest lil embryo As I begin to grow, you won’t stop my… Read more Fertie’s Rap

A Letter to My Generation to Come

In this, a manifesto of my thoughts and goals for you and to you, will come a thesis of who I am and how I see things; this is scary for me, almost as difficult as the notion of bringing another being into the world, but there’s perhaps no better time to reflect–in the moment where I think I know, but really I’m just about to begin knowing. To my generation to come, a letter written upon the reversal of what was the decision to try to not bring you… Read more A Letter to My Generation to Come