2018 Midterms Guide to Guides

Hey you, procrastinator!

The midterms are tomorrow and you need to vote, rather than opting out and pleading ignorance, here are some guides for you. NOTE: These lean heavily on information relevant to Southern Californians and then more specifically North Orange County folks.
For prop info: 
Ballot.fyi – Creative and semi-humorous bipartisan explainers.
KCET Ballot Brief – Bipartisan explanations in written form and short 1 – minute explainers. 

LA Taco Voter Guide – A little more partisan, but deeper explanations regarding the propositions.
State Government:
LAist Voter Game Plan – Bipartisan looks at those running for state office (like Attorney General, etc…). Doesn’t have everything but is informative.
LA Podcast Voter’s guide – Has a specific perspective, but cuts through a lot of the BS in giving you who they think you should vote for.
Just for you!
KPCC Voter’s Edge – Enter your address and it will give you information about all of the races specifically for you.
For my Fullerton friends: 
Fullerton Observer – Has transcripts of debates, outlines positions by those running for local government.
Early October issue: Covers those running for Fullerton city council
Early November issue: Covers OC Board Dist. 4.
Flip through other recent issues to find some other local elections info. https://www.fullertonobserver.com/services
Now that you know, go vote!

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