I am an independent writer and podcast creator. I received an education in Intercultural studies, with an emphasis in International Development. I have experience in the nonprofit sector having contributed to strategic planning and implementation, as well as tracking data measurements and writing reports on the success of various projects.

Professional Writing
My professional writing resume includes creating standard operating procedures, explaining procedures to clients with varying educational and comprehensive levels, and helping to edit various grants. I have studied grant writing on my own time. Email me for any samples of nonprofit professional writing.

Creative Writing
I have written about a wide range of pop culture for my own personal blog and for the now defunct music web site The Loud Neighbours. My particular interests include: movies, music, television, religion, and social justice. I have experience writing best of lists, reviews, and long form personal essays on more complex topics. Here are the works I am most proud of and that best represent my creative writing:
“The Cross” — a short story I wrote.
“Like Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight” — a statistical analysis of guns in the aftermath of a school shooting.
“Ice Cube: A Career View” a look at Ice Cube’s career through the lens of three of his movies.

Since 2012 I have been making my own podcasts. This includes hosting, scheduling, doing graphics, creating theme music, editing, producing, and advertising all independently. I have created hundreds of episodes with tens of thousands of downloads. Most recent podcasts include:
Biweekly cultural recommendations for music, books, movies, tv shows, apps, online essays, and more!
A since retired comedic show where we counted down our top 25 characters from the major motion picture Home Alone week by week until Christmas arrived.
A since retired cultural variety podcast featuring discussions across a wide swatch of pop culture.
See the podcasts section to get more information.

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