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2018 Midterms Guide to Guides

Hey you, procrastinator! The midterms are tomorrow and you need to vote, rather than opting out and pleading ignorance, here are some guides for you. NOTE: These lean heavily on information relevant to Southern Californians and then more specifically North Orange County folks. Don’t know where to vote?!? Click here: For prop info: – Creative and semi-humorous bipartisan explainers. KCET Ballot Brief – Bipartisan explanations in written form and short 1 – minute explainers. LA Taco Voter Guide – A little more partisan, but deeper explanations regarding the propositions.… Read more 2018 Midterms Guide to Guides

In Which I Slowly Become Rev. Toller

We look to the Bible for answers on how to live in our day. Which makes sense, it’s a document that’s been passed down for all of human history, telling the story of God. Its words have inspired and led billions of people. Yet when we interact with the text, trying to apply the Bible’s wisdom and God’s will to our modern life it becomes absurd. The concerns that I have for my life are of the utmost importance to an all-loving God, but rendered instantly absurd when light is… Read more In Which I Slowly Become Rev. Toller