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2011 at the Movies – A Nostalgic Mess

One major theme transcending Hollywood this year was, well, Hollywood. Hollywood made 3 huge films this year that are odes to movies themselves. They deal with nostalgia for particular time periods and many have called them “love letters” to particular people, genres, and time periods. Although I do love the movies, all 3 of these fell short for me. This post will discuss why they didn’t work for me and why they should not be receiving the awards and acclaim that they are currently getting. It will be more from… Read more 2011 at the Movies – A Nostalgic Mess

Defining Homeless

I have had many people tell me in my short life that I look “homeless”. This is probably due to my often unkempt beard and lack of care for a clothing style or appearance and is probably said in order to make feel guilty for the way I look. It is a sort of small insult. But, this saying doesn’t make sense. The word homeless aside from all preconceived connotations means “without a home”. It does not mean: smelly dude with a long beard and hand-me-down clothing. Yet, within society… Read more Defining Homeless