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Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs

A guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy doing although you really shouldn’t, thus feeling guilty about feeling pleasure about it. For instance, a tough guy might consider liking The Notebook a guilty pleasure or a super hip dude might guiltily like listening to Miley Cyrus. A guilty pleasure can be different depending on what kind of person you are and who you typically hang around. This being said, today I am going to list my top 10 songs which I listen to guiltily, whilst absolutely loving it. The order… Read more Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs

You Don’t Watch Good Movies

“Thinking is boring, of course (all that silence), which is why so many industrially made movies work so hard to entertain you. If you’re entertained, or so the logic seems to be, you won’t have the time and head space to think about how crummy, inane and familiar the movie looks, and how badly written, shoddily directed and indifferently acted it is. And so the images keep zipping, the sounds keep clanging and the actors keep shouting as if to reassure you that, yes, the money you spent for your… Read more You Don’t Watch Good Movies

Why the Television Show Survivor is Among the Best Games Ever Created

This is something I wrote for my creative writing class and is for all people, hoping to explain my love for the show Survivor. CBS’s television show Survivor helped to bring an array of cheesy reality shows onto viewers television sets, much of which people would consider to be the downfall of television as we know it. Shows would be created, where people battled in order to win love from a stranger, or where people competed to win plastic surgery, or to see who could lose the most weight, as… Read more Why the Television Show Survivor is Among the Best Games Ever Created

This Week In… Things I Like

1. NT Wright-I’m currently reading After You Believe and I loved the introduction where he talks of how his Christian experience is limited to only that of the West. It shows how he is a truly thinking and humble man, something that I respect a lot. Within the church, people’s views (myself included) are based on those who make up the majority culture (white, middle class). Much can be learned from those who are Christian and are outside the cultural group. For more information on this read Soong Chan-Rah’s The Next Evangelicalism 2.… Read more This Week In… Things I Like

A Change of Heart

I have tried blogging three different times. I recently deleted them all due to disgust of all the other lame bloggers that exist in the world wide web. However, for whatever reason, I have a need to express my thoughts and opinions to the entire world, so this blog exists. These posts will now be unedited ramblings of myself with little to no importance. The topics will be everything from the television show Survivor, to random movies, to things that I like, to serious subjects such as neo-colonialism, poverty, and… Read more A Change of Heart

Of Gods and Men (2011)

Of Gods and Men is a movie about values, convictions, faith, tolerance, martyrdom, mission, community, brotherhood, outreach, it’s a movie about living, and it’s a movie about dying. It takes place in Algeria in the mid-90’s, focusing on a group of French  Trappist monks who have taken a vow of poverty in order to reach out to a largely Muslim community. The monks fit in with those around them beautifully, providing free medical services, participating in the town’s market, and even attending children’s birthday parties. Their relationship with the community… Read more Of Gods and Men (2011)