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Top Animated Films of 2010

This year in animated cinema was no different than any other year. You had Pixar release a film that everyone loved. Dreamworks came out with a couple that people mostly liked. Disney released one that returned it to  its “classic Disney” storytelling days. And there were a couple more artsy flicks that the population didn’t see, but critics adored. Despite the similarities with other years, it was an enjoyable year (hopefully next year will follow suit as Pixar is releasing Cars 2 a film I am not looking forward to).… Read more Top Animated Films of 2010


Hello everyone! Hopefully somebody is checking this thing out, otherwise my efforts are put to waste. If you wanna read my purpose behind this site, then please check out the “About” section at the top. To reiterate my purpose, with this site I hope to join with readers as I explore the world of cinema. I am young on my journey through this world and I hope as I grow in it that you will all join me in the adventure. I believe that movies can be so  much more… Read more Welcome