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Category: Cinephilia

You Don’t Watch Good Movies

“Thinking is boring, of course (all that silence), which is why so many industrially made movies work so hard to entertain you. If you’re entertained, or so the logic seems to be, you won’t have the time and head space to think about how crummy, inane and familiar the movie looks, and how badly written, shoddily directed and indifferently acted it is. And so the images keep zipping, the sounds keep clanging and the actors keep shouting as if to reassure you that, yes, the money you spent for your… Read more You Don’t Watch Good Movies

A Late Analysis of the Oscar Best Picture Noms

One of my favorite critics, Jefferey Overstreet, has written a piece looking at the questions asked by this years ten best picture nominees. Anyone who wants to go further into the exploration of movies outside of just being entertained should check this out as well as Overstreet’s other articles. Check out the article here Look forward to a review of this year’s Jane Eyre coming soon! And maybe last year’s Monsters as well.