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2018 Midterms Guide to Guides

Hey you, procrastinator! The midterms are tomorrow and you need to vote, rather than opting out and pleading ignorance, here are some guides for you. NOTE: These lean heavily on information relevant to Southern Californians and then more specifically North Orange County folks. Don’t know where to vote?!? Click here: For prop info: – Creative and semi-humorous bipartisan explainers. KCET Ballot Brief – Bipartisan explanations in written form and short 1 – minute explainers. LA Taco Voter Guide – A little more partisan, but deeper explanations regarding the propositions.… Read more 2018 Midterms Guide to Guides

Reflecting On 2013 (Pop Culturally)

At the end of last year I made myself a list of pop culture and shallow goals to strive for in 2013, this is that list as well as my commentary on how I did. Listen to more jazz – I had just started getting into the genre with albums by Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, and Charles Mingus and I definitely grew more interested in it throughout the year. I can easily rattle off names such as John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, etc… and I can even… Read more Reflecting On 2013 (Pop Culturally)

Such a Hipster

In one of my classes we had a discussion about the culture of my school. We talked about what insiders would know and what those on the outside are ignorant about. My professor then asked us if there was a style of dress that was most popular. People raised their hands: “hipster” was their answer. The perception of hipsters befuddles me. It is a common word, used by teens and their parents alike, but its really undefinable. It even seems to be used as an insult of sorts. Nobody wants… Read more Such a Hipster


I feel as if I have been abundantly contrarian the past week. I wrote a post that attempted to take down the beach. I posted an article on my Facebook that was anti-Breaking Bad. I am offending people’s sensibilities left and right, but I don’t want to be a contrarian. I’m a normal guy too! They say the proof is in the pudding (and I like pudding) so here it is, things I like that you probably like too: I like Disneyland! I agree with their “happiest place on Earth” statement! I… Read more Contrarianism

What Kind of Music do You Like? (A Guide)

In the never ending world of small talk and social formalities, simple get-to-know you questions are always asked. It starts with the necessities, gradually deepening either to the point that you realize you have no interest in speaking with this person on a deeper level or to where a genuine relationship is formed. In the midst of this social sparring, right at the point when your cheeks are starting to hurt from overemphasizing reactions to the other’s answers, is when the question is often asked. This question has haunted me for… Read more What Kind of Music do You Like? (A Guide)