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Category: Serious Stuff

Weekly Thoughts 11

Emojis Technological advances often bring about vast changes in the ways that we communicate; this, in turn, often brings large cultural changes. With any form of cultural change there is a resistance both to the technology and to the unique forms of expression that these new forms can bring. Nobody wants to commit themselves to a form that will soon be out of style–a relic of an old age only to be parodied later–so they do their best to ignore that which is modern or new. Others commit themselves entirely… Read more Weekly Thoughts 11

Weekly Thoughts 10

The Hate-Read I have a confession to make. I struggle too. I am an advocate for building up cognitive dissonance within the self, creating the ability to accept the tension between what you believe to be true and taking in something that is poised as being the opposite of that. Being able to live with this tension allows one to deal with people outside the immediate social circle, manufacturing mutual respect, and paving pathways to peace–or at least the avoidance of violence. I’ve suggested before that we should build in… Read more Weekly Thoughts 10

Weekly Thoughts 9

How to Stop a Dictator: Read This Blog The other day I listened to this podcast, Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything, part of the Radiotopia network (who, by the way, has some of the best storytelling podcasts out there and is highly recommended). The episode was a short one, beginning with an advertisement for Radiotopia’s latest Kickstarter campaign and then continuing into a short interview with someone who works on the show. They are in the park and there is a concert happening, the guest Walker interviews makes a point… Read more Weekly Thoughts 9

Weekly Thoughts 8

Spanking and a Two-Party System I recently found out that in the United States, 19 states still allow corporal punishment in school. Now I have made my opinions about corporal punishment here (quick recap: grew up with it, turned out fine, but the way that it teeters on physical abuse seems like a line that is not worth approaching for me, but I still need to do more research) and it seems crazy to me that this is still a thing. I tried to do some quick research as to… Read more Weekly Thoughts 8

Weekly Thoughts 7

Fear Is a Way to Make Friends Alarm. Fear. Panic. It feels at times that more than anything these are the driving narratives in our lives. The world is a mess. It’s in chaos. America is going downhill. The government is just not like it used to be. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Jesus must be coming back soon because the world is overcome with evil… We tell ourselves these things all the time. Sometimes they might be in passing–a quick blip from our mouths… Read more Weekly Thoughts 7

Weekly Thoughts 6

A Personality Quiz I took a personality quiz the other day. This is something I’ve done a plethora of times and I don’t really have any good reason for taking this one. I am hardly the person to go around taking online quizzes, but this one was quick and so I went for it. As I read my results – or diagnoses, if you will, I began to grasp a sense of clarity. These people understood me, how I felt, my strengths and weaknesses. Oh, that’s why I do what… Read more Weekly Thoughts 6

Weekly Thoughts 5

Cultivating Empathy While Rejecting the Anecdote Understanding someone’s experience is important. It puts you into their point of view – their world. You begin to grasp why they say what they say and why they do what they do. I believe this is especially crucial with those we do not know or who exist outside the main power structures. Empathy is a cultivated skill and the people it should be used the most on is the abused, the poor, the outsider, and the powerless. Their stories often are ignored, further… Read more Weekly Thoughts 5

Weekly Thoughts 4

The Appreciative Inquiry into Life If you look back through my high school journals you will see a guy conflicted between being someone he thought he should be compared with the failure he thought he actually was. Perhaps this is typical of any male journaling their way throughout high school, but part of these sentiments and feelings came from the evangelical strand of Christianity. Evangelicalism and the reformed brotherhood that has taken hold of its mainstream the last ten years is often spent discussing the comparison of who we are… Read more Weekly Thoughts 4