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This Week In… Things I Like

1. NT Wright-I’m currently reading After You Believe and I loved the introduction where he talks of how his Christian experience is limited to only that of the West. It shows how he is a truly thinking and humble man, something that I respect a lot. Within the church, people’s views (myself included) are based on those who make up the majority culture (white, middle class). Much can be learned from those who are Christian and are outside the cultural group. For more information on this read Soong Chan-Rah’s The Next Evangelicalism 2.… Read more This Week In… Things I Like

A Change of Heart

I have tried blogging three different times. I recently deleted them all due to disgust of all the other lame bloggers that exist in the world wide web. However, for whatever reason, I have a need to express my thoughts and opinions to the entire world, so this blog exists. These posts will now be unedited ramblings of myself with little to no importance. The topics will be everything from the television show Survivor, to random movies, to things that I like, to serious subjects such as neo-colonialism, poverty, and… Read more A Change of Heart