Survivor: One World Episode 12

While watching Survivor this week, I didn’t feel very into it. To me, it didn’t matter who won the reward challenge or the immunity challenge or whether it would be Kat or Sabrina going home. For whatever reason, I didn’t feel connected to what was happening on screen. This is likely due to the lack of stakes for the one I’ve been cheering on all season: Kim. I felt no risk of her being voted out, thus I felt minimally involved with the action this week. (I try to watch it without too much of a bias, but at times it’s hard especially when one player is as strategy savvy as Kim)

This week strategically was out of the hands of our main strategy storyteller Kim, as for the first time she didn’t get exactly what she wanted. This also shows what a brilliant game Kim has been playing so that even when she doesn’t get what she wants, it still leaves her in a wonderful position. There is no way she goes, except for the off-chance she goes at the final 4. However even that is unlikely, as she is a huge threat to win immunity and no one seems wise enough to get rid of her then. Survivor is a numbers game and Kim couldn’t quite gain the numbers to get rid of who she wanted (Sabrina), but wisely adapted to the majority, rather than cause ruffles. Sure things would probably be better for her with Kat in the picture, they are not much worse for her now.

Christina and Tarzan are essentially playing the same game right now. One in which they try to survive anyway they can, vote by vote. They need to continue to paint others as more threatening than they, win a couple of challenges, and sneak their way into the finals. As we saw with Alicia tonight, people’s mindset can shift in an hour, causing them to make irrational decisions. Alicia started the episode paranoid about how good of a speaker Sabrina is and wanted to get her out. Later, after Kat placed 2nd in the challenge, she became paranoid about her and chose to get rid of her instead. If Christina or Tarzan goes on a 2 or 3 challenge run ( a la Fabio) this could stick in the jury’s mind and give them more credit (or votes) than they deserve.

Speaking of Alicia, she by far had the worst episode (except for Kat of course). Instead of voting out Sabrina, she chose to get rid of (what seemed like) one of her closest allies, someone who had just chosen to take her on the biggest reward of the season! Not only does she get rid of a close alliance mate whom she might have a chance of beating in the finals, but she almost guarantees that Kat won’t vote for her in a finals situation. Terrible gameplay on her behalf.

On the opposite end, Chelsea played the best of everyone this episode. Instead of Kim swaying her, she swayed Kim the way she wanted. She kept Sabrina around, someone who Kim doesn’t necessarily want around and will likely get rid of soon, instead of Kat, someone who had just taken Kim on a reward and who Kim was thinking of taking to the finals. In getting rid of Kat, Chelsea ensures that she remains Kim’s #1, and there is less temptation for Kim to not take her to the finals. Kat also seemed to be a better athlete than Sabrina, so really this is a bonus for Chelsea on any level. If anyone can beat Kim, I think Chelsea is the one to do it.

Also is it ever good to win an individual reward anymore? Especially the family visit? I don’t think that there is any good that can ever come from this and I would much rather roll the dice on if I get to go than be the one in charge.

There was very little made on the fact that the girls finally got rid of 1 of their original 5. Everyone just seemed to be okay with the fact that either Sabrina or Kat would go, something that is very surprising considering how much talk there has been about not flipping on the original 5. I guess they all figure it would happen eventually and why not at the final 7?

I still have this eery feeling that Kim will not be able to pull this off when it comes to the jury. If she doesn’t do it and for whatever reason loses to Chelsea or Sabrina, I really don’t know how I’ll take it. If she doesn’t win, then playing strategically and controlling the game in this manner becomes an inviable way to play. We will have to see how it plays out…

Next week’s episode I imagine will be pretty boring, but the finals should be exciting with everyone battling to see who will join Kim and Chelsea in the finals.

Survivor One World: Ranking the final 10

We are down to the final 10 in Survivor: One World, which until recently was often the time of the merge, where Survivor really began. This season has definitely been a solid one, with equal parts strategy and craziness, the perfect combination for any Survivor season, but we will have to wait to see how this season plays out before giving it a final ranking.

Today I will rank the final 10 players in their likeliness to win. This ranking will not be in the order of who is playing the smartest, but who has the best chance of winning.

10. Tarzan-We are at the point where I am pretty sure there is no way Tarzan can win this game. Sure, he will likely make it to the final 3, but if people think you are a joke, there is no way they will hand you a million bucks, admitting that you outplayed them. As much as everyone hated being played by Boston Rob in Redemption Island, they hated losing to Phillip even more and there is no way they would ever hand him a victory. Not only is Tarzan a joke, but he gets on everyone’s nerves and talks condescendingly toward others. That combination=jury goat.

9. Jay-Jay is actually a really smart player. Going in I did not expect to say those words, but I think that next to Kim, Jay has his head in this game. He flips when he needs to flip, keeps his mouth shut when he needs to, and leads when he has to, however, Jay is in a terrible position, which is mostly not his fault. He didn’t want to go to Tribal when the guys gave up immunity, which caused the guys to be down in numbers and now he is facing a 6-4 deficit. Plus he is a HUGE immunity threat, which could make him the next target to go. Unless he wins immunity every time or he can pull off something drastic, he is gone the next couple weeks.

8. Leif-Leif has absolutely no idea how to play Survivor, which might actually help him a couple more weeks. Plus, I could see the girls going after themselves before getting rid of Leif. I just don’t see him being allowed to make it to the finals. He will be voted out once all the bigger threats take each other down.

7. Alicia-Alicia thinks she’s in a better position than she actually is. Though all this could change if she continues to insult people and is seen as a potential jury goat. She seems a little too conniving to be allowed to make it that far though. I think people will be smart and not take her along for the ride.

6. Christina-The girl everyone hates is probably in the most unique position of anyone. Will she continue to be passed along in the voting queue, will she make a move, or will she be taken out 6th? All of these are possibilities considering everyone hates her for little to no reason. Is she so hated that she would lose any final 3? Or could she possibly sneak by as a come-from-behind winner? I could see the editors painting her as someone overcoming adversity and beating those who made fun of her all along, but it hasn’t started yet.

5. Kat-Could she be our Fabio? The “dumb” one who sneaks by, wins some immunities and wins for a lack of backstabbing. However, there are quite a few differences between the two. Fabio was always on the outside of the alliances being made, whereas Kat seems to be in the top 4 of the female alliance. She has been at the center of several important conversations and surprisingly never seems too far out of the loop. I don’t see her overcoming the Sabrina/Chelsea/Kim big 3, but if any of them go after each other she could sneak in.

4. Sabrina-She is in a great spot, but as the out-in-front leader of the girls tribe she is also  the out-in-front pick to either win over them or be backstabbed by them. Out of the three  I could see her being taken down first. If any of them are smart, they will not let their final 3 consist of the other 2.

3. Troyzan-Maybe Troyzan is a little too high for this list, but he is toward the top of the most capable men out there and is not as high of a target as Jay. Plus he could potentially use his idol to make his way to the finals.

2. Chelsea-Though Chelsea seems to be attempting to completely destroy the girls’ shot of winning this game, I still see her as a favorite to win. Eventually Kim and Sabrina could both be taken down by the others, leaving Chelsea standing as quite the likeable winner. She is a little too hotheaded and doesn’t quite think things through, but if she ends up in a final 3 without Kim and Sabrina she has a good shot at taking it.

1. Kim-Kim is tearing this game a part. There are others who are playing well, but Kim is a step ahead of everyone out there. Not only is she playing a multi-layered strategic game, but everyone seems to have her best interests at mind. During the immunity challenge both Kat and Sabrina were cheering her on. Everyone loves her and thus far she has made no mistakes. Her game and edit almost seem too perfect. Has anyone had this flawless of an edit this far into the game? Earl comes into mind, which is a great sign for her. The only way she goes in the next couple weeks is by an idol and the only way she doesn’t win, is if she takes Sabrina to the finals, or the others realize she is the power player. The only thing is, I can’t see a girls alliance successfully existing without her at the center pushing and pulling each of the chess pieces in her hand.