I feel as if I have been abundantly contrarian the past week. I wrote a post that attempted to take down the beach. I posted an article on my Facebook that was anti-Breaking BadI am offending people’s sensibilities left and right, but I don’t want to be a contrarian. I’m a normal guy too! They say the proof is in the pudding (and I like pudding) so here it is, things I like that you probably like too:

I like Disneyland! I agree with their “happiest place on Earth” statement!

I think Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” is a pretty rockin’ song!

If I had to rank all of the holidays, Christmas would likely be number one.

I think pizza is pretty fantastic (though I can’t fathom how pepperoni inexplicably became the go to pizza topping in America)

I both enjoy and despise Kanye West which seems to be the general consensus surrounding him.

I have a Facebook account and think I spend too much time on it.

I like football and baseball! I’m a red-blooded American!

Chocolate chip cookies are probably the best cookies out there (but pies>cakes).

I like Starbucks (for milkshake-y, sugar loaded dessert type drinks).

I too get into swimming and beach volleyball every four years.

I read all the Harry Potter books and found that I quite enjoyed them. I also read and liked the Hunger Games.

I get pretty mouth watered over a steak.

See, really when it comes down to it, I’m just a normal guy. Maybe I don’t like the beach, think hot chocolate isn’t good, and disliked Braveheart, but underneath this rough contrarian exterior I’m really just an average Joe!