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Kid’s Fashion

This has less to do with pop culture parenting and is more of a rant than anything. But we need to do it. Yes, we need to talk about kid’s clothing. Now I’ve never been the most fashionable person, whenever I get inspired bouts of trying to be fashionable I’m often disappointed, ending in a sad lethargy and general nihilism about the fashion game. But kid’s clothing is quite awful in ways that even I can sense and am surprised by. Kid’s clothes are far more focused on overalls, brightly… Read more Kid’s Fashion

Weekly Thoughts 13

I am writing this right now from a McDonald’s. Yes, I recently moved which put me in a position of having no internet and while McDonald’s is certainly not known for its Wi-Fi game, it beats the monotony of a daily appearance at Starbucks. I want to talk more about this internet-less experience, but you will have to wait next week for that– today, a complaint. Last Wednesday I called in order to have my internet transferred, they told me that on Saturday between four and five they would come… Read more Weekly Thoughts 13