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Three Films for Easter

This isn’t going to be an altar to Passion of the Christ, instead the focus will be on what I believe to be the two main themes of Easter: sacrifice and new life (or resurrection). These films provide exploration of the theme of sacrifice, especially that which leads to new life for the self or another. Exploring movies that are not explicitly religious or even more broadly are not directly about Easter, yet contain themes that evoke that period can bring about deeper reflection on what it means to us.… Read more Three Films for Easter

You Don’t Watch Good Movies

“Thinking is boring, of course (all that silence), which is why so many industrially made movies work so hard to entertain you. If you’re entertained, or so the logic seems to be, you won’t have the time and head space to think about how crummy, inane and familiar the movie looks, and how badly written, shoddily directed and indifferently acted it is. And so the images keep zipping, the sounds keep clanging and the actors keep shouting as if to reassure you that, yes, the money you spent for your… Read more You Don’t Watch Good Movies