Predicting the 2011 Academy Awards

One day till the Oscars. Here are my predictions for who will win and who should win. A lot of these are just going to be a complete guess, but there is no fun in predicting when you already know who will anyways right?

Writing (Original Screenplay)-I don’t think there was a better definition of original than Christopher Nolan’s screenplay.

Will win: The King’s Speech

Should win: Inception

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)-The only way to describe Sorkin’s dialogue is spitfire, he certainly deserves to take this home with him.

Will win: The Social Network

Should win: The Social Network

Visual Effects-What other movie has a whole city fold on itself?

Will win: Inception

Should win: Inception

Sound Mixing

Will win: Inception

Should win: Inception

Sound Editing

Will win: Inception

Should win: Inception

Short Film (Live Action)-I haven’t got a chance to see any of these so these will be selected merely by the most intriguing title.

Will win: God of Love

Should win: The Confession

Short Film (Animated)-Here’s hoping that Day & Night, the short film that proceeded Toy Story 3 is the champ, as it was lovely and I have not seen any of the others.

Will win: Day & Night

Should win: Day & Night

Music (Original Song)-I listened to all of them and honestly they are all really good. A.R. Rahman’s for 127 Hours is definitely the most unique, but then again that’s not necessarily what the Academy is looking for. They could go the country route again this year and award Country Strong. Randy Newman has been nominated twice for the Toy Story series, losing twice to other films put out by Disney (Pocahontas and Tarzan). This year he faces off against Disney’s Tangled. Will history repeat itself?

Will win: “We Belong Together” from Toy Story 3

Should win: “If I Rise” from 127 Hours

Music (Original Score)-Inception, 127 Hours, and The Social Network all had wonderful soundtracks this year, but I think Ross and Reznor’s will take it.

Will win: The Social Network

Should win: Inception

Foreign Language Film-I have seen Dogtooth, but none of the others. I haven’t heard too many good things about Biutiful, so I probably won’t see it, though it is the most represented foreign film at the Oscars this year.Let’s go with an underdog to win.

Will win: Incendies

Should win: Dogtooth

Best Makeup-Haven’t seen any of them. I assume they will go with the most complex one in The Wolfman, but honestly I have no idea.

Will win: The Wolfman

Should win: The Way Back

Best Film Editing-4 out of the last 5 years the “Best Film Editing” award has gone to the best picture winner, so I can only guess that this year will be no different. I really enjoyed all the work done in 127 Hours a lot though.

Will win: The King’s Speech

Should win: 127 Hours

Documentary (Short Subject)-Who knows?

Will win: Killing in the Name

Should win: Sun Come Up

Documentary (Feature)-I’ve seen Restrepo and Exit Through the Gift Shop and I’m praying for the latter to win. Not likely though.

Will win: Inside Job

Should win: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Directing-I’m pretty sure Fincher’s got this one. I suppose Hooper could pull an upset or maybe even the Coen’s, wouldn’t that be crazy?

Will win: David Fincher for The Social Network

Should win: David Fincher for The Social Network

Costume Design-I think I’m gonna have to guess Alice in Wonderland on this one. I am cheering for I Am Love to win, and my favorite is probably True Grit. Though The King’s Speech could just absolutely clean sweep this year as well.

Will win: Alice in Wonderland

Should win: True Grit

Cinematography-Man, I enjoyed all of these a lot. As far as who will win, really any of them could. I am just gonna stick with what will be the big award getters for the evening.

Will win: The Social Network

Should win: True Grit

Art Direction

Will win: The King’s Speech

Should win: The King’s Speech

Animated Feature Film-This is a no brainer and it is certainly deserving, but I always like to see an underdog sneak up in there. Forget it, there’s no way.

Will win: Toy Story 3

Should win: Toy Story 3

Actress in a Supporting Role-Leo has taken most of the awards, but I gotta a feeling that Adams will get some attention as well. This will lead to a voters split and I think we’re gonna see someone who I considered a regular actress and not a supporting take it.

Will win: Hailee Steinfeld for True Grit

Should win: Amy Adams for The Fighter

Actress in a Leading Role-I think it’s pretty obvious. There’s been some talk that Bening could take it, but I doubt it.

Will win: Natalie Portman for Black Swan

Should win: Natalie Portman for Black Swan

Actor in a Supporting Role-This is even more obvious. The only one who stands a chance in Geoffrey Rush.

Will win: Christian Bale for The Fighter

Should win: Christian Bale for The Fighter

Actor in a Leading Role-This one should be a lot closer than the “Actress” and “Supporting Actor” awards, especially considering that Bardem got a nomination, who knows he could take it.

Will win: Colin Firth for The King’s Speech

Should win: Colin Firth for The King’s Speech

Best Picture-I decided for this I am going to rank them in order of what is the least likely to win (10) to most likely to win (1).

10. The Kids Are All Right

9. 127 Hours

8. Winter’s Bone

7. Toy Story 3

6. Inception

5. True Grit

4. The Fighter

3. Black Swan

2. The Social Network

1. The King’s Speech

Yes, unfortunately I have to put The King’s Speech in the number one spot. I did enjoy it a lot, but there were a lot of films that took it to the next level. Hopefully The Social Network can gain back some momentum that TKS has taken from it in the last few weeks and take home the infamous golden bald guy.