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Tag: politics

A Guide to California’s Propz

Voting day is almost here and if you’re like most Americans there are a few things that are probably true about your life: You know which Presidential nominee you will be voting for You want this all to be over You are lying down, buried beneath 500 pounds of political ads and can’t get up You’ve been so inundated with Yes and No on certain propositions that you might just try to mark “All of the above” on your ballot There are only so many solutions to these issues and there… Read more A Guide to California’s Propz

Weekly Thoughts 8

Spanking and a Two-Party System I recently found out that in the United States, 19 states still allow corporal punishment in school. Now I have made my opinions about corporal punishment here (quick recap: grew up with it, turned out fine, but the way that it teeters on physical abuse seems like a line that is not worth approaching for me, but I still need to do more research) and it seems crazy to me that this is still a thing. I tried to do some quick research as to… Read more Weekly Thoughts 8